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We don't just provide advice; we provide solutions.

Our team of experts have been helping companies of all sizes across all industries since 2015. In that time we have assisted businesses to respond to industry transitions, economic changes, pandemic responses, employee grievances, business growth, union activity and provided advocacy in industrial courts and tribunals.  

At Hanlon's all of our advisors are experienced Employment Relations and Human Resources specialists. Our Senior Consultants are also qualified Solicitors. This means that you not only benefit from our Human Resources and Employment Relations experience, you also benefit from our in depth knowledge of employment law.

Allow us to help you solve the unique challenges that can arise in managing your team of employees. We guarantee our Consultants will assist you efficiently, economically and expertly with confidentiality and results as our priority.​

Whether you need ongoing support, assistance with a discreet project, or short term ER/HR resources to fill an immediate gap in your business, we will work with you to create solutions that are not only commercially astute, but are legally compliant. We are the experts on your business' side.

Feel free to book a free phone consultation today and have a Senior Consultant call you at a time that is convenient to discuss your issue.