Hanlon's Employment Relations Consultants offers a wide range of consulting services to businesses across a range of industries. Our experts work with not for profit, government and publicly listed organisations. We focus our services on providing advice and solutions for business leader and organisations.  We can assist in providing independent advice on matters relating to frontline operational staff, senior managers, all the way up to directors and board members. If the assistance you need doesn't exactly fit into one of the below categories, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you.

Working Together


With a minimum of 15 years experience, each of our Senior Consultants are specialist workplace investigators. We provide thorough and definitive reports and recommendations when investigating alleged workplace misconduct. With significant experience in the not for profit, childcare, aged care, and education sectors we can also assist with Reportable Conduct and Vulnerable Persons investigations. Our findings and recommendations will allow you to make informed decisions, backed up by reliable evidence.

Standing Meeting


Whether you need to improve the effectiveness of an entire team or to foster the ability of individual employees, our team of Consultants can assist you in improving the skills and outputs of your staff. If an employees' performance or conduct cannot be improved or doesn't meet the needs of your business we'll help you to bring their employment to a resolution in a respectful, defensible and reasonable manner.

Modern Work Space


Hanlon's experienced negotiators focus on four key priorities when negotiating; workable outcomes and terms, productivity improvements, adherence to budgetary and resourcing requirements, and efficient negotiations. Experience belies our confidence to manage employee and union expectations and negotiate your business an effective Enterprise Agreement - fully compliant with the requirements of the Fair Work Act.



Time and time again judges have made decisions in favour of employees because the employer didn’t follow their own policy or procedure or had no such guidance in place. Your business needs strong, clear, and easy to implement policies and procedures and contracts.

 Our focus is on creating easy to understand and easy to use guidelines that are going to promote flexibility in the way you run your business while providing the necessary safeguards to protect your organisation.

Working Together


We provide training to Boards, Executive Teams and Senior Management on a range of Employment Relations, Human Resources and Work Health and Safety topics including the duties and responsibilities of officers under various legislation.

Our facilitators provide real life examples and practical tips so your teams leave each session feeling both informed and empowered to manage their employees. We will happily work with you to design a training module to meet your business' specific purposes.

On the Phone


Whether you need advice on responding to pandemic requirements, dealing with unions, managing staff grievances, responding to unfair dismissal claims, Award interpretations, underpayment claims, recouping over-payments or anything in between, Hanlon's Consultants are available to talk you through any human resources or employment relations issues that may arise. We can provide once off assistance, regular advice and coaching or project style engagement. We are the Employment Relations experts that you can switch on as you need.