Workplace Investigators - A success Story

We always appreciate receiving positive feedback from our clients as it affirms our intention to deliver successful results for the businesses we work with. Recently we were commissioned by a Sydney law firm to conduct a workplace investigation under Legal Professional Privilege for their client.

As a result of multiple sustained findings that the company's employee had breached their workplace policies and procedures we recommended the company considered ending the employee's employment.

The company took our advice and terminated employment. The employee lodged an application to the Fair Work Commission to remedy the alleged unfair dismissal. This is the feedback we received from the Partner of the law firm who commissioned our report:

"Were it not for the meticulously thorough and detailed report produced by your investigator there would have been little evidentiary resources at my disposal to defend the decision to terminate employment. I am grateful my client was in a position to protect their business from this seemingly vexatious litigant and even more pleased we were able to secure a win!"


Our experienced workplace investigators work across a range of industries and produce reliable, detailed investigation reports and recommendations that your business can make confident decisions with. Please contact us today if we can assist your business in conducting a an investigation into alleged workplace misconduct or potential reportable conduct.